Death’s Doorstep – Original Soundtrack

Composition • Recording • Mixing • Mastering


Title:               Death’s Doorstep
Artist:             Jeandre Viljoen
Genre:            Soundtrack
Year:               2017


Original soundtrack that I composed that could be used for a video game as theme music for a menu, character or even just in-game music.
(Originally inspired by a really cool piece of art, read on for more details and link to full artwork)
It features a really basic instrumental arrangement and has a tone of extreme darkness and despair.

Although the arrangement is minimal, I tried to keep the frequency spectrum rich and full but i ran into some speed bumps;

I went for a “Lo-Fi” sound to capture the sense of “damaged” and creepiness (can especially be heard on the piano notes)
This resulted in some difficulty filling up the frequency spectrum in the upper ranges and I had to experiment with some “airy” textures.
I also wanted the sense of iciness and cold so there’s a wind-like pad/sample thing playing with the whole piece.

Otherwise I like how it turned out without any percussion: Kept the lid on the energy escaping and makes the piece very tense and keeps the emotion right on the edge but without actually ever going over and resolving. The super dissonant lead synth also helps bring this feeling across.
Some extra interesting info on the above: The final note of the song doesn’t resolve either and stays on a dissonant feel to push that whole feeling even further.

NOTE: I do NOT own the cover art. This artwork is what inspired the musical piece. Extremely talented “mist XG” created this. The full artwork is worth a look. link below.

Huge thanks to “mist XG” for letting me show his art for creative context of the song.

The whole production was composed, recorded, produced, mixed and mastered by myself. I used Pro Tools for everything and only ITB production techniques for this one.

NOTE: For best results, this soundtrack is meant to be enjoyed on a full range stereo speaker system.

Track (or parts thereof) is available for exclusive and non-exclusive licensing.