Interactive Original Soundtrack – Angry Robots



Composition • Recording • Mixing • Mastering • Electronics


Original Score I composed as a project for a classic demo videogame called Angry Bots.

This project was quite big and there is a LOT of information on how I composed and implemented the score using AudioKinetic’s Wwise.

If you’re interested in the technical stuff, I suggest watching the full video breakdown of the entire project here, where I explain everything in immense detail:

If you just want basic context:

Angry Bots is a top down shooter where you start stranded on a space station. The aim is to make your way through the facility, hack doors to open them and progress through to the final room where you blow up the station.

Along the way you run in to robots and mech bosses that you have to defeat.
The game features different “sections” that you have to complete before you can move forward.

I went for a strong focus on electronic synths and sci-fi sounding elements to create the digital/robotic dark atmosphere.

The way the Score is composed makes use of a combination of vertical layering AND Horizontal resequencing. There are 5 pieces of music, each different tempos and intensity levels. Each of these pieces are linked to the “sections” in the game you have to complete. As you move further through the game, the music becomes more intense and the tempo increases.

These 5 pieces are joined with specially composed transitions. (Can be heard in the score above)

Additionally to this entire score, every single piece of music and transitions are divided up in to layers.

1 – Basic ambient layer
2 – Bass and rhythmic instruments
3 – Percussion
4 – Dirt / Intensity 
5 – Synced Heartbeat

Depending on how many enemies youre fighting, the music will either be super intense or just calm and ambient. Fighting a boss ads a dirt layer and if you take damage a heartbeat layer will come in to warn the player of imminent death.

The Score above is just all Branches and transitions put in logical order and layers 1 – 3 all turned on.
For a detailed look at how the score is broken down. Follow the link at the top of this description or watch below.

Disclaimer: I do NOT own the original image in the cover art:
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