Original Character Theme – Kerrigan, Queen of Blades

Composition • Recording • Mixing • Mastering


One out of two short concept themes I did for Starcraft 2:
Terrifying and immensely powerful, The Queen of Blades, Kerrigan.


For context I serendipitously synced the theme to a cinematic:

Technical information:

Truly an interesting villain with tons of depth.
The melodic theme in the feminine voicing captures the softer side of Kerrigan, She has a really sad back story yet shes incredibly powerful and evil (pretty much justified). I kept arrangement in mind when I composed this, so the piece has a lot of low end and power to it.

I opted for a slower tempo to emphasize the “immense terror/power” she possesses and the whole piece kind of sluggishly evolves. The lead melody pulls the chords after it and has longer legato notes for tension and space. Theres also a strong “surreal” tone to the piece to bring across the sad and past human side of her.

I used a harmonic minor scale here for some more tension in the overall piece and used a lot of semitones and notes close together to create a dissonant and eerie feeling.

Listen to the broken down version and stripped melodic development of the piece:

Due to her organic alien looks and the sci-fi/spacey nature of the game I wanted to use some analog spacey pads and synths for the chord backing (As apposed to Nova that has the more digital “tech” sounding timbres)
Reference here: Jeandreviljoenza – Original-character-theme-nova

Disclaimer: I do NOT own the cover art.
Original image found here: Original image found here: norsechowder.deviantart.com/art/Heart-o…t-363352239