Original Character Theme – NOVA

Composition • Recording • Mixing • Mastering


One out of two short concept themes I did for Starcraft 2. Quirky and light-hearted, but as bad-ass as you get them, I wanted to capture the angelic nature of NOVA.


For context I serendipitously synced the theme to a cinematic:

Technical information:

She has this “Battle Angel” vibe to her and thats what I tried to capture musically. Considering her fancy futuristic high tech armor, as well as her agile and quirky looks I left out the lower range instrumentation and used a faster tempo/feel. I used short dotted notes and natural minors to bring across her light-hearted nature. I didn’t want her to come across as too dark. Contradictory, it was important for me to have the piece still feel heroic but not silly.

Here is the stripped down version of the melody ONLY:

I used more tech and digital timbres as opposed to the organic and scary timbres I used for Kerrigan: Jeandreviljoenza – Original-character-theme-kerrigan-queen-of-blades

Disclaimer: I do NOT own the cover art.
Original image taken from Blizzard cinematic.