Original Score – PRIMAL (Work in Progress v2)


Composition • Recording


*NOTE: This is still a work in progress and very much incomplete and UNMIXED*

One of the musically darker scores I’ve been playing around with. The image in the cover art was one of the many that inspired this ridiculously dark tone. I was inspired by the primal instincts of human nature and a witchdoctor/necromancy theme. Arising the dead and witchcraft etc. I was going for a feeling of utter and complete hopelessness and extreme terror.

All the melodies, textures, timbres, tunings, tones, arrangements and instrumentations are meant to be as menacing and fear inducing as possible.

With my background in modern metal music I incorporated some metal song writing for extra distorting and dissonant tones.

This is a score that will take massive advantage of the vertical layering scoring technique.

More of my darker and distorted work here:


Disclaimer: I do NOT own the original image in the Cover art.
Original Image found here: graybarsa.deviantart.com/art/Dark-Sor…er-671049845