Original Video Game Musical Theme – The Last Of Us


Composition • Recording • Mixing • Mastering


asic melodic theme I composed as a general thematic piece for The Last of Us.
Listen to the full branching score here:

Note: This is the melodic theme only and not a score.

Features long and thought evocative silences and sustained phrases. The overall tone of the conceptual theme is pretty dark and menacing but with a glimmer of hope right at the end of the phrase.
This was my intention to capture the dystopian and hostile world, but at the same time capture the surreal and beautiful world of The Last Of Us where nature has reclaimed cities and the fight against all odds.
This reflects the overall narrative of the videogame.

I’ve developed this piece into a longer score called
“Radioactive Sunrise”

Disclaimer: I do NOT own the original image in the cover art.